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Our Story


DOLOA IPERA is born in Singapore, created by the french jewellery artisan Margot Anna.


The brand combines semi precious stones, indian silver, wood beads, glass beads, pearls, crystals, and more, to create original and unique pieces.

Margot has always been a globe trotter and her passion for jewellery making started when she was living in Paris and was travelling to Amsterdam and other places in Europe to find originals beads and treasures to create her own jewellery.

Surrounded by African culture at home, she developed a taste for ethnic design, using her mum's african beads to create her own jewellery.  

After living in south East Asia and travelling to India, Thailand and Malaysia for a while, she fell in love with the beauty of the stones that she found out there and learned about their powers, benefits, and utility. She then started to add them to her jewellery compositions, to create a unique and ethnic style with each piece.


Semi precious stones are known around the world for their healing powers and the energies they carry. Each stone has its own particularity and offers numerous benefits for the soul, body and mind.

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